86 year old grandma of 24 becomes a stripper


86 Year Old Granny Stripper?

Reports from Daphne Alabama read of Lizzy Oliver a retired high school cook, grandmother to 24 children and who is now 86 years old has found a new calling in life. Her life was miraculously rejuvenated after she received some buttocks shots that brought her some new found youth and glory. The 86 year old grandmother is now an exotic dancer that tours the country. Lizzy Oliver says ” I regained my body and my life after I got these buttocks shots. My sex drive is stronger than ever and I’m living in the present moment, it’s awesome. I’m on tour across the country, I dance in many clubs, meet tons of new people… I feel like a star!”

Oliver has quickly become famous in the adult entertainment business, something that has brought her numerous offers from the porn industry in return, a possibility she seems to seriously consider.

She also stated “At the moment, I must admit that if I haven’t done it yet, it’s mostly a question of scenario. I want something out of the ordinary, like with dwarfs or sumo wrestlers or something like that… I’m an 86-year-old porn star, not quite ordinary myself. I want people to remember me,” says Lizzy.

This goes to show that your are never to old to reach new goals and follow your dreams.


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