Dog stuns owner after eating 23 live BULLETS – and surviving


Four-year-old Benno took the ammo from his owner’s bedroom while he was sleeping. Benno, a Belgian Malinois, was taken to the vets after throwing up several rounds. The vet removed most of the bullets during a two-hour operation. Fortunately the bullets weren’t made of lead and zinc – which can be fatal for dogs. Dr. Sarah Sexton: “There were lots of jokes being told during the surgery. “He could have gone up in smoke, could have gone out with a bang.”

According to his owner, Benno had previously eaten walls, coins and rocks – but never bullets. Larry Brassfield said: “You can baby proof a house, but I don’t think it’s possible to Benno-proof a house. “Lord knows, we’ve tried and failed.” A few days after the surgery Benno passed his final rounds naturally. He’s expected to make a full recovery. Brassfield added: “I won’t be leaving ammunition laying around any more, I can tell you that. “But really, you’re never going to stop him. “It’s just a question of what he’s going to eat next.”

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