Fact or Folklore: The search for Sasquatch


SPOKANE, Wash. –Hundreds have claimed to have seen the mysterious creature. There are reports that it’s been spotted on every continent, but still, there is no conclusive proof that it even exists.

KHQ’s Caitlin Rearden spoke to Kelly Milner, an author who has researched Bigfoot for more than a decade. She’s the best person to talk to about the elusive beast bigfoot.

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“I was going to prove Bigfoot was fake. That was my goal,” Milner said.

Kelly Milner has written two books about Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, after spending almost 12 years trying to find out if the creature really exists?  “I did thorough, thorough research. I realized that there are a lot of serious scientists, not ‘crazy uncle bob’ in the tinfoil hat, but serious scientists who believe Bigfoot exists,” Milner said. When she met with KHQ, she brought along two resin replicas of footprints that were collected by the late Dr. Grover Krantz, a physical anthropologist from Washington State University.

“One of them looks perfectly normal, like it could be faked. A big wooden foot on your shoe. The other one, not so much.” Milner describes it as compelling, but not evidence. Then she launched into the infamous Patterson-Gimlin footage taken in California in October 1967. It is thought as the most credible video evidence to date. “The Patterson-Gimlin film represents some creature with muscle flexing in her thighs and her calves,” Milner theorized. Although Bigfoot has been spotted in all states except Hawaii, Washington has the most reported Bigfoot sightings.

So KHQ hit the woods with Arin Snyder, a man who says he’s been hunting Bigfoot for six years.  Snyder says he has a unique insight to the beast “They shake trees back and forth to let you know that they’re around. They whistle… I think they pick and choose who sees them,” Synder concluded. Caitlin’s search was fruitless that day, but with 487 sightings in Washington alone, it’s possible there could be something out there in the woods… Maybe. Right? Tell us what you think on our Facebook page. 

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