Raining Spiders


Bizarre natural phenomenon of baby spider falling from the sky dubbed Angel Hair.  It’s Raining Spiders!

If you suffer from arachnophobia don’t move to New South Wales Australia…A resident of the Southern Tablelands in New South Wales Australia took to Facebook to report that millions of baby spiders appeared to be falling from the sky onto his property. Yes it’s raining spiders. The phenomenon, dubbed ‘angel hair’, sees baby spiders climb to the top of vegetation and release a streamer of silk that catches on the breeze and carries them into the air. The result is spiders falling from the sky.


The natural phenomenon usually take place in May and August because Outback arachnids throw their webs up into the air, moving in large formations through the sky. These spider colonies then travel through the air and fall in masses of web and silk down to the ground, coating everything from farmlands to buildings.

It’s Raining Spiders

The onslaught of spiders can be explained by a migration technique called “ballooning,” It is thought that some spiders have been carried almost 1.8 miles above the ground and can travel long distances.

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