Man sets himself and his car on fire as officers approach him


Austin TX Man calls 911 saying he is going to commit suicide by setting his car on fire.

Two police officers and the driver of a vehicle were injured in a car fire in Austin early June 2,2015.

Police have stated that Andrew Guerrero called 911 early Tuesday morning saying he was planning to commit suicide by setting himself and his car on fire.

Officers arrived at a Texaco Gas Station at Interstate 35 and Stassney Lane in Austin TX around 2 a.m. and found 47-year-old Guerrero outside the car. Officers stated that they asked him to come over, but he instead rushed inside the car that had apparently been doused in combustible substance, gas possible.

As the two officers approached him Guerrero lit a cigarette lighter, causing the car to explode. The force of the explosion knocked one officer back five feet and hurled the suspect out of the car, then as the video footage shows Guerrero tried to get back in the burning vehicle. Guerrero didn’t stay in the car long because of the flames and heat. He got back out and officers pulled him away from the car.

Investigators are stating that he obviously wanted to commit suicide.


Horrifying moment man tries to kill himself by setting car on fire in parking lot of gas station

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