NGCULWINI – A self-confessed witch and her husband stunned residents when they admitted to killing a lot of people in the area to the extent that they have lost count of how many they had bewitched.
The revelation was made yesterday in the middle of the night by the married couple, who were found naked in the still of the night, by a businessman who owns a shop at Ngculwini.
The two, whose identities will not be revealed because they have not yet been charged, were caught around 9pm at Ngculwini with their son, estimated to be three years old. All of them were naked.
The businessman, Vusi Dlamini, who caught the couple, said he noticed them passing his shop naked and was taken aback by what he saw.
He said he approached them to ascertain why they were naked at night and to determine if they had possibly been robbed.
However, Dlamini said they refused to cooperate with him, which led to him calling neighbours to witness what he had just seen.
The matter was so serious that even the area’s chief was called to see the naked couple.
When this reporter arrived at Ngculwini on Tuesday night, at around 9:30pm, residents had already crammed the area with car headlamps lit towards the naked couple and a police van was flashing its blue light.
Some residents were heard cursing the couple and blamed them for the ills that had befallen the community.
The couple, who confirmed they practised witchcraft, were blamed for the lack of job opportunities in the community, lack of progress, especially among the youth, and for the mysterious deaths of residents.

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