Near death experience changed her life


11-year-old’s near death experience changed her life

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Supernatural Stafforshire: Paranormal Investigator Damon Simms has explored the dingiest corners of some of Staffordshire’s spookiest places. This week he has the tale of a lifelong friend who had a life-changing experience as a child growing up in Stoke.

OVER the last couple of weeks I appreciate that some people will have read this column with furrowed brow.

Improbable events they may, to some, appear. But I assure you that the fervour with which they have been relayed to me, and the subsequent research I have carried out, gives me the confidence to write about them in The Sentinel – a newspaper that I know is too proud of local people to commission someone to feed its readers a 500-word nonsensical account.

After Werewolfs and UFOs, you may find this week’s Supernatural Staffordshire more plausible.

Near death experience changed her life.

11 Year old near death experience changed her life


It’s the story of Trisha Hudson, who has spent much of her life convinced of her ability to see spirits – human spirits, for anyone chortling at the thought of an upturned vodka bottle. In 1969 a happy, 11-year-old Trisha left her home at The Villas in Stoke, and vaulted the wall at the end of the garden, as usual. Only on this occasion she tripped and fell from the wall – landing hard and banging her head. Trisha, who’s happy to share her story with The Sentinel, recalls: “I then remember opening my eyes and I was being held in the arms of a tall, almost black figure in a hooded cloak.” “It told me ‘it wasn’t my time to go’. When I regained consciousness I was lay on the floor by the wall, surrounded by neighbours and my parents.”

Later on that day she was told that as she lay unconscious a doctor who lived nearby examined her and told those gathered that her heart had stopped. She had, she claims, ‘died’ for a short while. Weeks passed and Trisha remarked on how pain-free her recovery was, despite extensive swelling to her forehead. In the absence of pain, one thing that remained constant in Trisha’s life was a vivid, recurring dream. In the dream she would always be stood in the same room, which had no windows or doors. Every night it would be filled one-by-one with people who would try to get her attention. Confused, Trisha confided in her grandmother after a few weeks. Not necessarily a believer in the paranormal, her grandmother told her to speak out the next time she had the dream and to ask what the people in the dream wanted. That night she did as her Grandma suggested and was startled as the crowd quietened down, before a young woman stepped forward and said “we just want you to listen to us”.

The dreams stopped that night.

After a short time Trisha began to see the spirits of loved ones during waking hours, even walking the streets of Stoke-on-Trent.She said: “They look just like you or me, they walk alongside people sometimes, they seem to notice me and smile.” “Many of them give me messages to pass onto loved ones nearby, others just seem to be going about their day to day existence.” She finished by saying that, like humans, there are good and bad spirits. “That’s to be expected, if we do continue to ‘live’ after our deaths then keeping the traits that made us human makes reasonable sense.” Trisha is not a practising medium and passes on messages from spirits free of charge.

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Article Courtesy Staffordshire Sentinel News & Media.

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