Survivorman Bigfoot appearance


Survivorman Bigfoot appearance!

In a recent episode of Survivorman a viewer with the youtube name of ThinkThunker saw something in the background that looks all too familiar to Bigfoot hunters.  Although it is not very clear there have been many occurrences of fans searching through the footage of Survivorman and other shows to see if anything was missed.  This Survivorman Bigfoot appearance is just the latest sighting in the past few months.  You judge for yourself by viewing the youtube video.

Bigfoot Survivorman appearance

Popularity of Sasquatch and SurvivorMan Bigfoot appearance

Due to an upswing in Bigfoot sightings and new shows on mainstream television networks there has been an increased interest in Bigfoot again.  Shows such as Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot and Spike TV’s Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty with Dean Cain, Rictor Riolo and Dax Rushlow, are doing a great job in assisting with the search for Bigfoot.  Rictor is an avid Bigfoot hunter and his show Bigfoot Nation on youtube is amazing!  Check out his twitter, Facebook, and youtube pages for more information (see links below).  We here at Most Unusual have become avid fans and can’t wait to see more from Rictor. His latest video is at the bottom of this article.

Rictor Facebook, Rictor Youtube, Rictor Twitter


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