UFO Sighting Red Lights Sau Paulo Brazil


New UFO Sighting Red Lights Sau Paulo Brazil

Date of sighting: May 12, 2015
Location of sighting: Sau Paulo, Brasil

Check out the images of the latest UFO Sighting Red Lights Sau Paulo Brazil.

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UFO Sighting Red Lights Sau Paulo Brazil
Glowing lights displayed the latest UFO Sighting and were seen over Sau Paulo Brazil yesterday near a whole in the clouds. The sky was overcast, except a single place that light shines through. At first the light looks to be the sun, but we see the UFOs near it so its possible the bright light is the mothership similar to that in the story from Huffington Post. What’s your thoughts on the video footage?

This latest sighting comes on the heels of the report this week of the Washington DC UFO Sighting on Google Earth Maps.  UFOs have been recorded over Washington DC and are not new to the area. For instance the Valiant Thor Case where an alien disk landed in the park near the White House back in March 1957, an occupant named Val Valiant Thor from Venus exited and was taken to the Pentagon by police where he met with President Eisenhower.


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